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A Mothers Torment Shirley Dicks

A Mothers Torment

Shirley Dicks

Published February 20th 2012
Kindle Edition
364 pages
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 About the Book 

Jeffrey Dicks, the son of an impoverished Tennessee Mother, languishes on death row for a robbery he didnt commit and a murder he didnt even see. A Mothers Torment, by Jeff’s mother Shirley is the tense, personal and highly moving true story of the bloody crime of which eighteen year old Jeffrey was accused of.His family was unable to afford a competent legal defense. Jeffrey Dicks is one of the many victims of our legal system who became trapped in the over burdened and insensitive cracks of our time. Without the weapons of MONEY, Savvy, or Connections, Jeff was defenselessly slaughtered by an obsessed police detective, and a judge who disallowed pertinent testimony that would have proven him innocent.A poor but law abiding family, the mother was forced to break the law to raise money for her sons defense. At the trial, they watched in horror, as VITAL evidence was never presented to the jury. Jeff, who had no history of violent or criminal behavior was convicted of a murder and sentenced to die in Tennessees electric chair.Strong bonds between mothers and their children, especially their sons, is the emotion that grabs the READER, and squeezes him in a stranglehold read on in a crescendo of heartbreaking pain until the bitter end And a bitter end it isfor the author, fighting to save her innocent son in any way she can, as the legal clock ticks toward the final hour.Fighting the system while running from the law, living on the lam, and trying to keep mind and family together, Shirley Dicks own story is as heart piercing as the one she tells of her son. Adopting Jeffs daughter Maria, Shirley had to go on the run after writing bad checks, selling her home in order to try and raise the money to hire a competent attorney to save his life.