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Arachne eBook J.J. Hart

Arachne eBook

J.J. Hart

Published January 1st 2008
ISBN : 9781306262972
34 pages
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 About the Book 

It has been reported that J.J. Hart is the first, and possibly only, writer to have walked the entire length of the state of Arizona, south to north, accompanied only by a female Labrador retriever and a male mallard duck. These same accounts describe Hart as the grizzled outdoorsman who founded the Wild West Scouts, some eighty-five years ago. Other reports, however, describe Hart as the young, female field botanist for the Forest Service who is credited with discovering a new type of arid-country mushroom in California’s driest desert. Yet other journalists have described Hart as the prolific, award-nominated author of more than thirty books (under a different name), a stock car racer from the Great Smokey Mountains, a rural emu rancher, or a publishing executive in a major metropolitan area.